The Therapists

Danielle Cervi

Spa Manager / Esthetician 

The J House Spa was opened on August 31, 2015. We have recruited an amazing team of healers, therapists and beauty professionals. The uniqueness of the J House has always been a draw to me. It has been a pleasure and accomplishment to be part of the property and family here. 

My passion for eyebrows started in high school and I was soon shaping eyebrows for all my friends and family. I knew I wanted to work in a spa atmosphere after being inspired by two women who were already in the industry. Skincare and daily skincare routines have been a part of my life since adolescence.  Sixteen years later I am happily working in the industry which gives me a great sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. 

I believe that routine facials and massages are an essential part of taking care of yourself. The team of professionals at the J House Spa are dedicated, passionate and experts in their craft. We offer customized treatments in a welcoming and relaxing setting. 



Kim Kristoff

Massage Therapy

Having benefited from the care of massage therapy growing up and later in life, Kim learned through firsthand experience the healing power of touch. She felt called to give back through the healing arts by providing this service with great skill and compassion. Coming to The J House was a natural transition for Kim who worked with Danielle Cervi, the Spa Manager of The J House Greenwich, for 4 years as a Master Massage Therapist at the Spa at Equinox. 

"The issues are in the tissues." 



Leo Macachor

Massage Therapy

Leo started his career at Wachovia Bank, now Wells Fargo, a client was studying to be a Massage Therapist and encouraged him to enroll in the same school. Massage Therapy soon after became a true passion. While working at TD Bank, he was also a part-time message therapist in Darien, Leo saw an opening in Greenwich. The opening was at The J House Greenwich and he began working at The J House Spa soon after.   

"To know, is to know that you know nothing. That is the meaning of true knowledge."

Leo chose massage therapy because therapy treatments are applied with love and compassion. He likes to help people improve in their physical, mental, and spiritual healing process. 


Moises Mosquera 

Massage Therapy

A fitness enthusiast and a 2013 graduate of the Clinical Massage Therapy Program at CCMT, Moises has always had a passion for massage. Starting at a young age, he realized that it could be used as a way to help people improve their everyday lives as well as acheive their fitness goals.

A licensed masaage therapist at Equinox and The J House Spa, Moises offers many differnt types of massage, ranging from relaxing to therapeutic. He customizes his massage according to his client's needs using different techniques such as myofascial release, deep tissue work and stretching all with the intent to increase felxibility, improves posture and releases tension throughout the body. 



Sarah Rotella

Full Body Alignment 

Sarah Rotella, a licensed massage therapist, has over 30 years’ experience working in the fields of physical improvement and spiritual enlightenment and holds numerous certifications in advance studies. She is skilled at helping others improve their lives by tracing their own paths to better health, joy, passion, and soul life. Sarah defines herself as “a seeker of authentic ancient wisdom.”  She continually strives to enhance her own understanding of the diverse science, clinical and spiritual paths available to us. 

Not content to live in stasis, Sarah is constantly learning and building upon her core foundation of practical application and soul enlightenment. Sarah takes an intuitively integrated approach in manual therapies to address your symptoms and core projects. While addressing the body as a whole expression and supporting the innate healing abilities of the individual, self care instructions are shared during each session.



Sofia Tzinis

Medical Massage Therapy 

Coming from a strong cultural heritage where caring for others is a way of life, Sofia was drawn into the medical field as a Rad Tech. As a long time believer in therapeutic touch, Sofia's prospective gradually changed towards a wholistic approach of health and the natural healing art of massage therapy. Sofia's journey at CCMT of Westport in the clinical program which involves intense science classes and extensive studies of Accupressure (TCM) has enhanced her modality in a different way.

After being referred to The J House Greenwich by a former classmate and colleague, Sofia started at The J House Spa. 

" Be Present -Do No Harm "



Cynthia Quell


Cynthia K. Quell, L.Ac., MS, BS is a practicing, licensed and insured Acupuncturist of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Diplomat of Acupuncture as recognized by the NCAAOM. Cynthia's practice, Helping Hands Acupuncture, encompasses care for the whole family, two legs or four, at all stages of life and wellness. 

Through The J House's exceptional network, Cynthia was introduced to The Spa, and would like to offer her knowledge and skill in Traditional Chinese Medicine and its modalities. The World HEalth Organization recognizes Acupuncture as effective treatment for pain, headache, rheumatoid arthritis, fertility/ maternity support, woman's health, stroke, allergic rhinitis and ulcer/gastritis, to name a few! When it comes to treating illness or maintaining a healthy lifestyle, Cynthia can act as a liaison to your current care.